All definitions of the Terms of Use of TimelyVisit, accessible HERE, apply to terms of this Privacy Policy ("Policy" or "Policies". Please make sure you read this Policy and the Terms of Use of TimelyVisit to understand all terms appropriately.


TimelyVisit is very respectful of your personal data and identifying information, and makes an important effort to remain law compliant in the legal aspect concerning the handling of personal information. This Privacy Policy is made specifically to inform you how we handle and secure all the information we gather of you, either through registration or automatically by our server or Website. By using the website located at and all possible subdomain or derivative webpages under that domain name, you consent that you are bound by this policy, and that you have no observation or concern of the way your information is being handled by TimelyVisit. Should you disagree with any of the terms of this Policy, please do not register for an account on the Website and discontinue your access of all services and webpages immediately.


TimelyVisit collects limited non-personally identifying information from your chosen browser makes available whenever you visit the Website. This happens automatically and regardless of the device you may use to enter the Website, and the information is collected automatically. This information may contain data like your Internet Protocol Address - or IP address - your installed browser, language, and the date and time of your access.

As you may already know, our services require you to register for an account. TimelyVisit requires you to fill in some personal information on a sign up form, and this information may include, but is not limited to your complete name, your email address, a password and login ID you create or choose upon registration, your age, your country of residence, telephone and mobile numbers. This may or may not be specifically filled in on the sign up form, depending on the requirements of TimelyVisit at any given time. When you put in your billing information it is not TimelyVisit collecting your information, but a hired third party, which then stores that information on a secure and encrypted server. You must agree to this Policy before you enter any personal information, so that you may make an informed decision when revealing such sensitive data.


We do not knowingly collect information from children under the age of thirteen (13). If you discover or are aware we may have done so, please inform us immediately through our contact form, or writing to us at the specified contact address on this Policy, so that we may immediately begin procedures to delete such stored data.


When you visit the Website of TimelyVisit, a small file is sent by our servers and stored in your device’s memory, and will then uniquely identify your browser. This file is called a “cookie” and it contains information regarding some of your activities while you are navigating the webpages of TimelyVisit. The information collected by TimelyVisit through cookies helps TimelyVisit to improve and to better understand your use of the Services, and will later benefit you with a better Service. Cookies may be turned down or rejected by browsers through their setting or options interface; but if you choose to do so, some parts of the Website and/or the Services may no longer function appropriately.


Mainly, TimelyVisit will use this collected information information to operate, develop and improve its offered Services. Also it must register the information of all Users as commanded by law, and to comply with a simple internal due diligence procedure.

The information will never be shared with anyone, following our NO SPAM policies and procedures, unless:

  1. You consent it through any action whilst registering, or when being prompted or specifically asked.

  2. When TimelyVisit shares non-identifiable information to a trusted third party to better interpret such information.

  3. When TimelyVisit is obliged to do so by law enforcement or any competent authority with jurisdiction, or when being compliant to any legal determination.

  4. Whenever that TimelyVisit interprets that by the access, preservation or disclosure of such information may be reasonably necessary to preserve and protect the rights of the public, the Users if TimelyVisit or to secure the safety of any rights TimelyVisit may be entitled to.



TimelyVisit makes sure that all of your information stays within the servers, or that of trusted third parties; even so, you hereby recognize that there is not 100% secure place on the internet, and that therefore breaches may happen, despite of the efforts of TimelyVisit to prevent them. In such cases, you waive any and all rights to demand, claim or otherwise request any kind of remedy of any sort of loss resulting from such breach of security, or the wrongful use of your personal information resulting from such breach.


Whenever you deem reasonable necessary, you may access, remove, review, and/or make changes to any personal information that you have stored when you created your User Account on TimelyVisit. If you are not able to do so yourself through the normal use of the Website and its tools, you may send us an inquiry to either change or replace, or in some cases delete wrong information that we have stored about you. Please allow a reasonable amount of time to respond to such inquiries.


Please note this Privacy Policy may change from time to time, at TimelyVisit’s sole discretion; provided that such changes affect your previous consent to the previous version of this Policy, you will be duly notified of such changes to your registered e-mail address. Despite of this, we recommend that you visit both, the Terms of Use of TimelyVisit and this Privacy Policy, to keep yourself informed of the content of both documents.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at any time or at the following address:

Megaorb Inc. - TimelyVisit
1042 E Fort Union BLVD # 493
Midvale, UT, 84047