Maintain Your Peace of Mind with the Right Massage Therapist Insurance (excerpt)

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What is liability insurance anyway? And why would I need it? I can hear you asking these questions!
There are several organizations that specialize in massage therapy liability insurance. Liability insurance protects you and your assets. It covers someone who may get hurt while receiving treatment from you or your employees. It can also cover the cost of a legal defense and any settlement that may be awarded.
I know that past massage therapists have come out of school and jumped into a massage business without ever thinking a thought about protecting themselves and their assets. In my opinion, liability insurance should not be optional, but required. It is a vital peace of mind document!

massage therapist liability insuranceEveryone wants to believe that there is no reason for insurance, that everyone does the right thing and is fair and reasonable. And even though after 30+ years in this profession, I personally do not know of anyone who has ever had to use his or her massage therapy liability insurance; it only takes one mistake on your part, one client with a vendetta, one client with a perception of injury from massage to mess you up.

Liability insurance is so reasonably priced for massage therapists because there are very few claims filed against them. But liability insurance is worth it for the peace of mind. There are several organizations offering professional liability insurance for massage therapists.

Here is a sample:

American Massage Therapy Association
The AMTA is the most expensive, coming in at $235 per year.
Not only do you receive excellent liability insurance with AMTA, but they offer additional perks for their members, such as:

  • Education Opportunities, including online classes at discounted rates.
  • Local Chapters for networking with other therapists
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Annual National Convention Discounts
  • Mentoring Programs
  • The Massage Therapy Journal
  • Hands On Newsletter
  • Career Guidance
  • Marketing Tools
  • Discounted Products
  • Optional Disability, Health, Dental, Life and Home Insurance available

Namasta is slightly cheaper than the AMTA, as it costs $200 per year.
They have additional benefits as well:

  • Mentoring
  • Discounts on Products
  • Legal Help

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
ABMP is slightly cheaper than the two organizations above, and it costs $199 per year.
They have over 80,000 members and their perks include:

  • Massage and Bodywork magazine
  • Webinars
  • Discounted Educational Opportunities
  • Health Insurance
  • Professional Events.

The benefits of ABMP look very similar to AMTA’s, and if I had to do it over again, I would consider joining this organization.


Additional companies below offer liability insurance and they have limited benefits but cheaper costs:

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance
Liability insurance for $99 per year and $67 for students.
Quality insurance coverage for an affordable price.

Hands On Trade Association
Liability insurance for $165 per year.

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus
Liability insurance for $159 per year.

National Association of Massage Therapists
Liability insurance for $89.95 per year and a $50 initiation fee.


Although there have always been cheaper versions of professional liability insurance, I have had AMTA membership from the beginning.

I felt that their benefits outweighed the cost of the membership, and I enjoyed their publications, went to several state and national conventions, took Continuing Education through their organization and met some stellar massage therapists there.

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